We are a mid-west based company that believes in testing and proving the products we develop before we release any new product to the public. "We race it before we sell it!" is our motto. All of our products have had numerous prototypes with testing and problem solving on these prototypes. Our goal is to produce the best quality, most accurate, most functional, and most durable products available. We have been active in Radio Controlled car racing for over 20+ years.

Most of our products are sold to some of best drivers in the U.S. Look around at some of the big events in your area, and you will probably see someone using our products. Of course you will have to look hard and fast; most of the time racers don't like to advertise that they are using a performance enhancing product too much, in fear of giving away a speed secret. Sure, there maybe others produce something like we are producing for less. But is the quality as good? Is the technical help and suggestion as informative, probably not? That does not mean we are perfect, on the contrary, we would like and encourage suggestions on all of our products. We have even changed a product after its release to reflect a suggestion given to us.

So we would like to invite you to come in and look around. Also if you have a new idea for a product or suggestion on any of your current products, call or email us.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

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